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I am very satisfied with the services provided by the Law Firm. The training on legal problems in transport fully met the company's needs. The solicitor discussed all points particularly problematic for our company in a clear way. It was especially important for us to compare and explain issues we regularly deal with (e.g. complaints, limitation periods) which are based on national and EU regulations (CMR).


We obtained very professional assistance and service in the field of proper implementation of the new regulations on filing financial statements. The help of Mrs Śron, the solicitor, in obtaining a PESEL number for a foreigner was highly appreciated. An additional advantage of cooperation with the Law Firm is that the contact was smooth, also in English, which is extremely important for our company.


The law firm provides us with current advice, also in the field of labour law. The legal advisers of the Law Firm have always been reliable, diligent and very well prepared. Such a support is very helpful to us in our daily activities, for example, in the field of drafting contracts, agreements, work regulations. During several years of cooperation we have been able to count on reliable advice and legal opinion that suits our needs.


Mr Łakomecki, the solicitor, helped our company to properly implement the provisions of the GDPR personal data. He has enormous knowledge, competence and experience which means that the cooperation with the Law Firm brings many benefits and satisfaction. The solicitor properly assessed the situation of our company in terms of personal data protection and then prepared documents for us and indicated procedures allowing us to adapt to the new regulations. The solicitor was communicative and explained everything, all the questions were answered. A training on GDPR for our employees proved to be very useful. The solicitor shared his extensive knowledge on the protection of personal data and labour law with us in a highly professional, understandable manner according to our individual needs.

Construction industry

Mr Łakomecki and Mr Wirth, the solicitors, professionally conducted the case of my company for the recovery of a due, large sum of money. They prepared requests for payment and then the lawsuit led to a favourable sentence for me. We succeeded in recovering the debt and the costs I had to bear. That is why I strongly recommend Śron & Łakomecki Kancelaria Prawnicza to all the companies looking for professional services in the field of court proceedings. The activities of the legal advisers of the Law Firm are professional and lead to successful conclusion of the cases.

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