Training courses

Each of our courses is tailored to the needs of your business and conducted by legal professionals with many years experience in the given area of law. Depending on our clients’ expectations, our trainings can cover both standard issues, such as the latest changes in important regulations, and also issues identified by you in specific areas of law. Our courses are interactive and workshop-based we do not just present the most important information and applicable regulations, but also analyze them together and discuss specific issues. At the end of the workshop, we provide you with a clear and useful written summary of the selected issues discussed during the course.

We customize not only the subject matter of training, but also its duration, date, price and location – it can be held at your office as well as ours, or at a third-party location.

Step 1

We agree with you the thematic scope of the course, as well as the organizational issues (duration, date, price and place).

Step 2

We prepare and present to you the list of issues that we recommend to discuss. If necessary, you can add to the agenda to address issues that are particularly important to you.

Stepv 3

We develop a detailed course scenario and carry out the course at the agreed time and place.

Step 4

We email you a clear and useful summary of the selected issues discussed during the course.